Services and Projects


From April 2015 with the entry into force of the Reg. EU 611 and 615 of 2014 and subsequent amendments of the Commission, laying down methods of application of the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council no. 1308/2013 relating to activity programs of organizations of operators in the olive sector, the Oleum Sicilia Soc. Coop. has perfected in collaboration with its technicians, on the associated companies, new techniques for improving the environmental impact, improving the quality of olive oil and table olives and traceability of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.
In this way, the European Union has recognized the fundamental role of the Olive Producers’ Organizations and their Unions for the growth of the sector, pursued through the implementation of improvement activity programs.
The Oleum Sicilia Soc. Coop., Through its National Union of reference, therefore availed itself of the possibility of requesting European funding, precisely to carry out in the best way those activities that by statute are part of the fundamental objectives of the Cooperative, shared by all the olive growers who are part of it.

The program of activities aims to improve the transparency conditions of the olive oil market, analyzing and developing in particular the issues of the lack of a commercial qualification and the improvement of environmental sustainability in order to arrive at the operational aims of:
• Market analysis from the consumer’s point of view
• Improvement of the environmental impact
• Improvement of olive grove cultivation techniques
• Improvement of oil transformation and storage techniques
• Improvement of the hygienic-sanitary characteristics of the oil
• Promotion of product quality assurance systems


The services offered to our members are as follows:

• the identification of rational production techniques;
• the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the product;
• the concentration and storage of the offer;
• national and international marketing;
• assistance and coordination of the activities of the peripheral associations belonging to it;
• the enhancement and promotion of consumption.

To these are added:

• the supervision and application of regulations and production and marketing programs;
• carrying out market surveys, reports on the international situation of olive oil as well as information activities on the evolution of domestic consumption;
• the determination of the orientation criteria and production and market guidelines in order to coordinate the activities of the Associates;
• the implementation of propaganda and publicity actions to improve production and protect the market;
• the production, storage and marketing of oil, as well as intervention actions on the market deriving from contracts, conventions or agreements with public bodies as the service provider.

The services we offer with the AAC are as follows:

• constitution, keeping, updating of the Company File of agricultural producers.
• preparation and presentation of applications for the European Union Single Company Bonus.
• assistance in the elaboration and presentation of stock declarations of the wine sector.
• assistance in processing applications for admission to community, national, regional and provincial benefits.
• assistance in the presentation and receipt of financial advances on community contributions by credit institutions.
• assistance to the activity related to the allocation of diesel for agricultural use.
• assistance in litigation for not received community contributions.
• assistance in compliance with the conditionality rules for the cultivation of farms.