Sustainable production and the development of good agricultural practices represent the differentiating elements of the olive growing of the future, in this sense with the application of technical assistance measures in the Oleum Sicilia Soc. Coop. intends:
1. Disseminate and involve the largest number of producers of the social base directing them towards sustainable production methods through direct and indirect technical assistance with the help of innovative management tools.
2. Improve cultivation conditions in all phases of the production cycle with reference to integrated management.

In this sense Unaprol has introduced®, a new generation decision support system (DSS). This DSS automatically collects, organizes, interprets and integrates the information necessary to support the most appropriate decisions for the various crop needs, whether they are related to short-term operations, whether they are strategic and therefore long-term. The information collected by®, appropriately referred to a series of parameters (variety of olive trees, agronomic and environmental conditions), will allow Oleum Sicilia technicians to guide the choices of olive growers with the ultimate aim
of increasing the competitiveness of companies, environmental protection, product quality increase, supply chain traceability and consequent certification.® is a system designed to involve and make the services developed within the various measures available to the entire membership base.® is an interactive web service that provides decision-making supports for olive cultivation, calibrated on the characteristics of the members’ olive groves.