About Us

Organization of Olive Producers Soc. Cop. a.r.l.

The Oleum Sicilia Soc. Coop. a rl is an organization of Sicilian olive producers, which today brings together over 5,000 single farms and over 4,000 associated companies under other member cooperatives.
It carries out its activity on the basis of specific agreements with Agea and the Sicily Region, as required by national and community regulations. Oleum Sicilia produces, selects, bottles and markets with its own brand, the extra-virgin olive oil IGP SICILIA and 100% ITALIAN, of its members.
The main purpose of Oleum Sicilia has always been to support, promote and enhance olive growing, to raise its quality standards, to encourage the introduction of innovative techniques in the olive groves of its members and throughout the entire production cycle.

To ensure transparency, effectiveness and professionalism on the activity carried out, Oleum Sicilia provides:


Technical means

Qualified personnel

Packaging Plant.